You have 1 minute to convince your readers

In this EGU presentation, Wouter Berghuijs shares several key points to improve our paper writing. This presentation should be useful especially for early-career scientists. I particularly like a suggestion to convey only 1 main message in a paper. If you have 10 main messages that are absolutely important and new, it is better to write 10 papers. If you write a paper with the 10 main messages, most likely, your paper is a hard-to-read long paper. In this modern age of TMI (Too Much Information), readers do not spend more than 1 minute before they decide whether your paper is useful and brings new information/knowledge to them. If your title, abstract, figures fail to convince the readers within that 1 minute, unfortunately your paper is doomed. What is the point of working hard for a year or longer to write a paper that is not readable? I think this lesson can be also applied, and probably more so, to oral/poster presentations. Some other points in this presentation are well known but hardly exercised.

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