Satellite-derived Antarctic ice loss over the past decade is 80% higher than IPCC projections

A short article appeared in Nature Climate Change compared Antarctic ice-sheet mass balance between satellite-derived observations and IPCC-AR5 model-based projections. Satellite-derived observations show that Antarctic ice-sheet has decreased since 1992 contributing around 0.27 mm-per-yr sea level rise. During the last decade (2007-2017), the contribution from Antarctica increased to around 0.55 mm-per-yr . This value is around 30... Continue Reading →

Ocean carbon sink is dictated by natural variability on decadal time scales

Data-based estimates show that the global oceanic carbon flux has increased rapidly since around 2000 with little decadal variability during 1992-1999 (Rödenbeck et al., 2015). An article published in Geophysical Research Letters (Li and Ilyina, 2017) used large ensemble climate model simulations to show that the observed increase is much faster than simulated by their biogeochemical process model. By... Continue Reading →

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