Craig’s List of 12 leadership maxims and precepts

Craig Mclean is a former acting chief scientist and assistant administrator for Oceanic and Atmospheric Research (OAR) of NOAA. Craig recently retired from his 40-year career with NOAA. Among many of his lifetime achievements and contributions to NOAA, he initiated an investigation as to why NOAA’s then-leadership backed Trump over its experts on Hurricane Dorian’s predicted path. Craig also openly requested Trump’s appointees to NOAA to recognize the scientific integrity policy of NOAA. He is one of those among us who do not tolerate a bully and do what’s right. During his retirement all-hands meeting with OAR staff, he covered some of his career highlights, as well as Craig’s list of 12 leadership maxims and precepts.

  1. Do what’s right; don’t overthink it. Rely on what got you this far.
  2. Support your people – “I wear your jersey.”
  3. Avoid micro-management; trust your people.
  4. Life is a team sport! Engage and play hard. It’s not about you.
  5. Choose mentors wisely, and let them also choose you.
  6. Network, explore Professional Societies.
  7. Volunteer! Take leadership roles.
  8. Brick by brick, build your foundation, then build your house.
  9. Build Constituency for your ideas, your vision, your people.
  10. Understand your own ethics and limits; Pick your battles.
  11. Never, never, tolerate a bully.
  12. Leaders Lead.

Image Credit: We are scientists, engineers, researchers, technicians, and more who remain united in our common mission: science, service, stewardship.

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